Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Free Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS game console is a very high sophisticated device that has been manufactured with the one of the highest quality hardware materials that can be found in the market. These hardware materials have enabled it to be one of the best gaming devices that consider both the manufacturers’ and consumers’ health and safety and also ensure that its uniqueness is retained and not worn out with time. The hardware materials of this device also enable its software applications to function with no abnormalities increasing the compatibility of the hardware specifications.

To begin with, the Nintendo 3DS functions on a PICA graphical processing unit that is utilized by embedded systems; this processor is suitable for scalable portable systems which enhances the changing of configuration systems according to the demands on the specific targets applicable to the 3DS application systems when a player is using the device. The 3DS gaming device contains two screens which are the top and bottom screens, the top screen being the 3D viewing panel while the bottom is the touch screen panel. The top screen panel measures around 90 mm with a 5:3 3D screen ratio, high resolution of 400X240 pixels to the human eye which is able to produce stereoscopic without the need of special viewing glasses. The bottom screen measures around 77 mm with a 4:3 touch panel screen ratio and a high display resolution of 320X240 pixels that enables the touch sensation to be interpreted faster so as to send the corresponding data to the to screen.

The Nintendo 3DS gaming device is said to weigh about 8.1 oz and it measures around 0.83 inches thick, 2.9 inches broad and 5.3 inches wide. To enhance communication, the game console is integrated with a 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi connectivity that enables to connect to the internet for updates or competitive game playing; it also enables the exchanging of data between different game consoles which can be equally achieved even while in sleep mode. This Wi-Fi connectivity also supports IEEE 802.11 which enhances its security through the induction of Wi-Fi protected access (WPA/WPA2).
The Nintendo 3DS also contains two cameras; one which is located outside the game console while the other is located on the top screen of the device. The camera located outside the device is used to capture 3D videos and take 3D pictures while the other camera captures 2D videos and 2D pictures; both these cameras have the same resolution of 640X480 pixels which enhances the definition and appearance of the videos and pictures taken.

About the issue of piracy, the Nintendo 3DS device has been enabled with anti piracy technology consisting of both software and hardware that diminish the increase in video piracy. The game console also features a cradle that will be utilized as a charger and will be an access point for faster uploads and downloads. The device also contains a gyroscope that will measure and maintain orientation whilst playing, an accelerometer that will measure and maintain the appropriate acceleration, a slide pad which functions as an analog input nub, and a slider that adjusts the 3D effect according to the player’s viewing.

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